Our Projects


East West serves a diverse cross section of the business community.  Please find below a list of projects we have been involved in:

Biosolids Application Soil Monitoring, Tasmania

Railway Culvert Replacements, NSW

Agricultural Soil, Water, Plant, Grain & Manure Testing, Australia Wide

Trade Waste Process Monitoring, North West NSW

Quarry Material Evaluation, Internal Roadworks, North West NSW

Concrete Testing, Excavated Natural Material, Northern NSW

Contaminated Site Investigations, Northern NSW

Residential Subdivision and RMS Intersections, North West NSW

Mine Rehabilitation Soil Works, Northern NSW

Sports Field Material Evaluation, NSW

Concrete Collection and Crushing, Northern NSW

Mining Environmental Protection Licence Sampling Testing & Monitoring

Pavement Testing and Evaluation, Northern NSW

RMS Intersections and Commercial Developments, Northern NSW

Mine Revegetation Soil Testing, WA, QLD & NSW

Local Government Councils Effluent Reuse, Roads, Bridges & Quarry Materials

Contaminated Site Sampling & Monitoring, North West NSW

Soil Carbon Sequestration Soil Testing, Northern NSW

Abattoir Enviro Protection Licence Sampling, Testing & Monitoring, Hunter

Feedlot Environmental Protection Licence Sampling Testing & Monitoring

RMS Pavement Rehabilitation Projects

Soil Carbon Nitrogen Trials Soil Testing

Soil Investigations for Past Use

Groundwater Benchmarking Programmes, NSW & Qld

Pavement & Geotechnical Investigations, North West NSW