Soil analysis to determine nutrient, salinity and toxicity status

Soil is a vital resource and understanding and maintaining the health of your soils will provide you with a foundation for sustainable agriculture and increased productivity. East West offers comprehensive soil testing and analyses with the problem area being pinpointed and remedial soil treatment programs recommended - ready to be put into action.  We can also provide advice on selection of species appropriate to available growth media characteristics for establishing new vegetation.

Groundwater Benchmarking

If groundwater sources such as farm bores are not adequately benchmarked for depth, quality and contaminants, deterioration of an important water supply might go unnoticed. Keeping track of groundwater quality is a very important part of ensuring resource availability and sustainable management. Therefore, it is in the best interest of users to test and treat bore water to ensure the quality is fit for the intended usage. East West can independently sample, monitor and assess your groundwater bores.