Soil testing is an integral part of any construction project. Before you start building, it is always best to know exactly what you are building on. This protects the long term integrity of your project and provides you with the information you need to go ahead with confidence. East West provides the following tests to Australian Standards and RMS test methods:

  • Sampling

  • Classification: Moisture content, liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index, linear shrinkage, Emerson class number, particle size distribution

  • Compaction: Standard and Modified

  • Field Density: Relative compaction, dry density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio, density index, compaction control - field density using a nuclear gauge

  • Bearing: Determination of the California bearing ratio of a soil

  • Reactivity: Conducting a swell test and core shrinkage

  • Strength and penetration: Determining the penetration resistance of a soil using dynamic cone penetrometer, unconfined compressive and maximum dry compressive.